Our Garden is Growing!

Ya’ll!!! What a year it’s already been amiright?!

I’m so thankful for the joy that we’ve been given in the midst of huge changes and I’m over the moon to officially share that….OUR GARDEN IS GROWING!!!!! If you’ve spoken with Branch these past few months then you most likely know that his FAVORITE news to share is “My baby brother coming later!”. His teachers were some of the first to find out our big news because apparently 2 year olds are not great at keeping secrets. Who knew?! 🙂 This kiddo looooves babies though and is so ready to be a big brother.

Our newest miracle boy will arrive in June and we are beyond excited to become a family of four. To all those we’ve run into since October thank you for your sweet love and support–you guys will never know how much your encouragement means to us. Stay tuned to our IG for snippets of our crazy life these days. I love being a boy mom so much!!

So cheers and please enjoy the huge grin that appears every time Branch talks about “my baby brother”. 🙂

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