Covid-19 | Our Mantra

Sorry for the long note you guys but I had to share our mantra today for those struggling…

This past month+ we have all been forced to pause in our lives from the Covid-19 virus. Businesses have ground to a halt. Fear is rampant. Food requires a bit more planning (and of course there’s always the great TP apocalypse of 2020!). But my heart has ached most while helping so many tearful brides reschedule their wedding days, moving photoshoots for clients, and postponing ordering sessions thanks to social distancing. There’s so much uncertainty and I find myself wanting to help and not knowing exactly how. This pause has been awkward and uncomfortable but today I woke up and realized I had to share our mantra in case it could helped even one person. These are the words that I wear on my wrist (love my mantraband btw) and I’ve been repeating them to myself almost hourly these days.


Eyes forward. Feet moving. Open heart. Favor. Strength.

So where did it come from? Several years ago Beau and I were walking through a hard season of infertility and after yet another miscarriage I was on an angry run. Ever have one of those workouts? You know, where you’re hitting the punching bag with much more vitriol than usual? Or push out three extra reps because you want to feel your muscles scream the way your heart is screaming?

Well during this “angry run” I was pushing my legs and lungs hard and trying to manage all the frustration and hopelessness I felt. And then I cracked. I started to sob mid stride and couldn’t stop. Thankfully I was alone because I looked like a maniac! As I bent over to catch my breath, and feel sorry for myself, a near audible voice was heard in my heart. The Lord gave me these direct words, “Eyes forward. Feet moving. Open Heart. Favor. Strength.”.

It hit me like a ton of bricks and a peace immediately followed. I realized my eyes had been looking downward at the ground in hopelessness. They’d been looking backwards in regret. They’d been looking sideways in comparison. I was searching for answers in every place except in the reality right before me. Our future was in HIS hands, not mine. I had to keep looking forward with expectation of God’s goodness because that was the only place that hope lived.

And my feet had stopped out of fear. I was tired of working so hard for something, only to have it fail. During this season I had put my identity in my failure to have a family and was unsure of my abilities. I was bitter and no longer chasing the other ideas or passions in my heart and had simply hidden myself. My feet had stopped and nothing would change until I moved them again. Sometimes I still have to yell at my feet to keep moving–it’s an ongoing lesson (which is what I love about mantras!).

You’re probably asking, “So what do you want me to do with that, Daisy?”

It’s about fighting fear and disappointment you guys. We are created to be resilient in times of fear, hardship and uncertainty. We are called to lean on others (even if it’s from 6 feet away right now). We are called to KEEP MOVING WITH OUR EYES FORWARD even when it’s scary and uncertain.

So today do the workouts.

Clean the house (hello — I just deep cleaned my living room curtains and literally scrubbed the outside walls of my house #WhoAmI!).

Work hard.

Give yourself space to grieve the hard changes happening.

Then get creative with your business and leave great reviews to help other businesses.

Reach out to your friends and family (virtually at least).

Share joyful stories, ideas, or encouragement with others.

Keep your routines as much as possible.

Create your own mantra (or please feel free to use our mantra!!)

Go dig in the dirt and start a garden.

Try out a new hobby or read a book that you’ve been eyeing.

And definitely continue writing down the things you are grateful for every single day.

Just keep those eyes forward. Don’t stop moving. Believe it or not, this is a time for growth, bravery, and creativity!!!

Much love you guys. This is not an easy sesason and we are here to help–please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. XO!


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