I heart food.

foodie, foody [‘fu:di]
n pl -ies
(Cookery) a person having an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food

Over the holidays while visiting family it dawned on me. I’m not certain when exactly it occured. It may have happened over cups of organic tea and espresso with salted dark chocolate squares with my mom. Or when I tasted the marshmellow-y goodness of roasted sweet potato slivers with goat cheese/walnut/dried cranberry topping. Or maybe with my attempt at a walnut orange cake with caramel whipped cream (which proved to be much more involved than anticpated but was DEEEE-LISH!).
Either way, it finally dawned on me…I am a foodie. Some of my happiest and most relaxing moments happen both in the kitchen and over great food. And I am so fortunate to have married a guy that also loves to try new yummies (our favorite date happened at a street cafe in Paris at 1 am over crepes, Nutella and espressos). Now please know that I have no ambition to become a culinary master. B and I will be the first to admit that we get takeout way to often (we know ourselves well and even budget for it!). I simply love good food.
The creamiest imported cheeses, darkest chocolates, sweetest peppers and juiciest tomatoes. Oh how it makes my heart pitter patter. I could go on all day but I say all this to present my new year’s resolution hope for the new year–I am going to TRY to make one new recipe each week (Me regularly cooking? I just heard a sigh of relief from Beau).
My hope is to just give you guys some snapshots of my kitchen adventures (and for our Facebook followers that may involve exploding pumpkin filling!). So without further adieu, here is my newest fave soup–Roasted Red Pepper and Corn Chowder (found in The New Soup Bible).

Oh and feel free to leave us some of your favorite recipes, I cannot wait to try new things!

yummy roasted red peppers
My trusty assistant waiting for something to fall on the floor…

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