Rhonda and William | Engagement Session


Buried during the tragic earthquake in Haiti, William was finally found. He and his family fought for his life and after recovering physically he eventually made his way to America. He was having a hard time after arriving, still reeling from the effects of the tragedy and not sure where God was leading him in this new country. Little did he know, his sister’s friend would soon bounce into his life–full of love, hope and passion. They became inseparable and (true to her calling as a nurse) Rhonda nurtured his heart and spirit back to health. Now his smile never falters and you can see the life in his eyes as he takes on the world with his other half. They are a power house, and the admiration they have for one another is unmatched. They married this spring in FL (visit the blog if you’d like more) and we were so honored to host them this week when they visited us in Chattanooga for their long awaited portrait session. Faith, hope and love… That’s all that truly matters today.

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