Best of 2017 | Engagement Session Ideas

Engagement Session Ideas:

Happy Monday everyone!! I’m so excited about our next Best of 2017 finalists. This year we are celebrating the couples who invited us to capture one of the most incredible seasons–the season of their engagement! We always encourage couples to do an engagement session with us if possible. This shoot not only gives them the chance to understand how we work (and helps us understand their styles as well!) but also captures keepsake moments from the short period time before they say their vows. At home, in a park, at their wedding venue, or at a swanky downtown location, the sessions below are perfect examples of how to make your engagement session ideas unique.  Click on each link below to check out more!

So without further adieu, congrats to our top finalists! And I hope this helps future couples as they look for engagement session ideas for their personal shoot–hit us up with questions if you need help planning!


From Left to Right:

Lauren and Greg, Chris and Jill, Nick and Katie, Madison and Michael, Morgan and Kent, Grace and Bobby, Evangeline and Brandon, Joanna and Michael, Laura and Barton 

engagement session ideas for couples planning an engagement session with Chattanooga Photographer Daisy Moffatt Photography