Mint Springs Farm | Megan + Elliott



In Hawaii “laulea” means peaceful and happy. The entire celebration of Megan and Elliott could be described by this one word. Their long journey had been rich with history and intention and they both arrived to their day at Mint Springs Farm excited, focused and incredibly peaceful. As Megan slipped on her flower crown with a soft smile her girls glided around the room readying her gown and laying out her accessories. She joked with each bridesmaid, spreading the happiness she felt deep in her heart. It was contagious and when it came time to step out of her bridal suite and into the waiting carriage Megan looked down at her bouquet and smiled contentedly. She knew that the wait had been worth it and soon she and Elliott were embarking on their biggest adventure yet. Elliott was waiting at the altar and strained to catch a glimpse of his bride as she rounded the corner in her carriage.  Finally they locked eyes and both smiled shyly as she stepped out. It was a magical moment–truly laulea.

Congratulations Megan and Elliott and thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you. Enjoy some Hawaii sunshine for us! XOXO!

Mint Springs Farms; Daisy Moffatt Photography; Flower Crowns

We loved catching up with this group–what an honor to photograph so many of you over the years! 


A huge thank you to Mint Springs Farm for your hard work and lovely hospitality–everything was beautiful!


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