Mike + Callie

Callie and Mike are such a gracious and kind couple. Truly. Their entire day was amazing. Not because there were no hiccups or delays (it wouldn’t even be a wedding without these things; there will ALWAYS be hiccups and we enjoy working through them)–but because despite the stressors that inevitably occur on wedding days Callie and Mike never stopped smiling or joking. They knew exactly what this day meant.

For instance, after a few pictures on our way to their reception their beautiful vintage car brakes decided to take a…well…break. Without missing a beat, Callie and Mike jumped into our SUV, snuggled up in the backseat, and continued laughing and smiling at each other–whispering “Hello my husband”, and “Hello my wife” (my favorite part of the day btw–such sweet moments). They arrived safe and sound to their reception at The Mill and proceeded to boogie the night away with their friends and family (thanks to The Malemen and Monkey Town Donuts!)

I mention these stories not to scare our brides or even highlight the hard parts of a wedding day (I’ll save that for my book!). 🙂 Our couples just continue to blow us away. They remind us again and again what weddings are all about. A wedding is a celebration of two people. In love. Becoming one before friends and family and beginning their life together. Period. Having photographed weddings for 7 years now I’ve learned that hiccups give us the opportunity to appreciate the big picture, making it all that much sweeter. The flowers, the decor, the photos, the music, the dress…these things matter and help to make the celebration shine. But never forget that marrying your best friend is why you are there. Callie and Mike remembered and their day truly was a beautiful success!

Thank you for inviting us to celebrate YOU!


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