Helen + Graham | engaged

When I first met with Helen we hit it off immediately. I loved her style, her sense of humor and learning about what she had in mind for her wedding day.
As I asked Helen to tell me more about Graham her eyes sparkled and she smiled a little mischievously. She said, “Basically, Graham is the exact opposite of me”. He is all boy and she is all girl. I laughed as she told me about one of their dates. Graham picked her up on his motorcycle to take her to Heritage Park. She knew then that she must’ve really liked him because her 5 inch heels and designer outfit were not exactly made for a bike, but she rocked it anyways. Love her!

We had such a great shoot with them. Graham loves to make her laugh (and is great at it) and Helen’s sweet personality is a perfect match. Opposites really do attract, and we have the pictures to prove it 😉

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