Baby Olivia | Smash Cake

This family has our heart.

We worked with Sarah and Aaron during their engagement and wedding celebration and were thrilled when they contacted us to capture their sweet baby Olivia. Oh Olivia. This child will most likely break the internet one day with her cuteness. Those baby blue eyes (Sarah) and that mischievous grin (Aaron) had us laughing the entire session. Near the end of the evening we brought out her smash cake to let her fully celebrate her first birthday. She wanted the smash cake but wasn’t thrilled with the messiness of the frosting (see below) until Beau discovered a new game with silly sounds to keep her grinning. I have the best partner and husband ya’ll. Olivia was soon playing in the mess, eating her smash cake like a baby bird (see below), and even tolerated a good hose down with Aaron and Beau keeping her distracted. We love what a gorgeous and sweet child she is growing up to be.

Happy Friday!

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