The Haluskas | Family Portrait

A few weeks ago we had the immense pleasure to hang out with Brooke and Ed again while photographing their adorable family for a yearly family portrait session! This year’s shoot was especially memorable because it took place on the anniversary of their engagement. It was such a fun reminder that you never know where life will take you (after a time down south they luckily relocated back to Atlanta and we’re thrilled to have them closer!). Beau and I loved reminiscing with them about their Chattanooga wedding in 2010. It was such a fun day!!!

Compared to last year, Baby Miller is growing up SO fast! I am always amazed at how much change can happen in a year. 🙂 Watching him interact with his big sister Emma was hilarious–she loves to show him the ropes and make him laugh. We met at Piedmont Park in Atlanta and wandered through grassy fields and wooded paths as the kids giggled at the ducks, blew bubbles together, enjoyed snacked time and watched the sun sink over the Atlanta skyline. Brooke and Ed are awesome parents and are doing such a great job raising two sweet, smart and adventurous kiddos!

Thanks again you guys, we love you all!