Stratton Hall | LaFrancis + Javon


It was just a small look.

When I met LaFrancis and Javon last year to discuss their wedding plans I knew we were going to love working with them. LaFrancis has such a warm and sweet demeanor and Javon was incredibly kind and deliberate as we all chatted together. Throughout our conversation I would watch Javon quietly glance over at LaFrancis. Checking. Always making sure that she was doing well. When she would laugh or smile about something his eyes would sparkle as he looked over at her. It was just a small look, but it said everything.

Beau and I loved capturing their wedding day at Stratton Hall last month. I had actually forgotten about that small look until during  one of our post ceremony shots Javon said something that made LaFrancis giggle and that sparkle appeared again. He loved her entirely and it is so beautifully obvious.

Congratulations LaFrancis and Javon–we loved capturing your gorgeous Stratton Hall wedding!!!

Stratton Hall wedding in Chattanooga, TN