Signal Mountain Wedding | Mae + Chris


Finally alone and snuggled on the house porch, they both sighed while smiling towards each other. The cool evening air played in the trees as they chatted quietly. This was their spot, the spot at Mae’s childhood home where over the years she and Chris connected and grew closer together each time they met up. But tonight there was a newness to this familiar porch scene. Tonight they were resting no longer as boyfriend and girlfriend. Tonight they were finally husband and wife.

Music wafted across the lawn as their guests dined at the reception behind Mae’s family home. This porch moment was magical because it allowed them to pause and reflect on their Signal Mountain wedding day. The day gave them exactly what they desired– meaning, heritage, celebration and love. They were both so happy. After a few moments of quiet (and some food!) they stood with a smile and walked hand in hand towards their awaiting party in the backyard. Perfect.

What an awesome treat to work with Mae and Chris on their wedding day. We can’t thank everyone enough, it was an unforgettable and beautiful Signal Mountain wedding. Congratulations you two we loved every moment!

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