Luther Masingill | Chattanooga

You know you are a Chattanoogie if you grew up knowing and loving Luther Masingill. One of the kindest and most gracious celebrities I will ever meet, Luther began his radio career in 1940 and has been on-air ever since. We were personally so honored when we were contacted by authors Holly Abernathy and James Howard. They needed us to photograph Luther for his biography. Whew. The butterflies in my stomach were relentless until I finally shook hands with the man himself and he jokingly said, “So you’re supposed to photograph us, huh? Well you’ve got your work cut out for you!”. His beautiful biography was released last year, around the time he was also inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. I am still so amazed that we were commissioned to be a part this timeless piece of Chattanooga history.

Order your copy today and share it with those who know and love Luther, Chattanooga, and American history.

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