Leeanne + Will |Wedding Photography


She had finally decided to be content. She liked her life, had wonderful friends and enjoyed her job. She had always imagined that marriage was in her future but she had become so tired. Tired from hopeful first dates, tired from wondering…and wandering. She had been searching for him for years and had finally moved away from frustration towards contentment.

Like searching for your keys when they’re already in your hand, she looked up one night at a Christmas party and there he was looking back at her. His journey had lead him to the exact same place and they found each other at precisely the right time. Both hearts open, strong, and content.

While chatting with Will and Leeanne about their vision for their wedding photography Leeanne explained,  “Our wedding is the celebration of what we thought would never happen…”. They created a day to celebrate each other and those who loved and supported them. Watching them lock eyes after their first look and laugh like only best friends can laugh I knew that their contentment was deep and true and forever.

Congratulations Leeanne and Will!



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