Kristina + Jason | Anniversary portraits


When we purchased our first home we honestly weren’t too sure what to expect. What sort of neighbors would we find? Will we fit in? Or will everyone just keep to themselves and ignore us?

Well my friends, I’m happy to report that we got so lucky! Our little block is the best around (like lawn parties and bonfires kinda best) and within a few years of living here we’d created lifelong bonds with several of our neighbors. One of our favorite friendships turned out to be Kristina and Jason. We all shared a love of gardening, good wine, home projects on our old homes, and 80’s music (though that was more Beau and Jason tbh). So when Kristina and Jason had the opportunity to settle in their forever home nearby we were heartbroken to see them go….even though it’s only a 10 minute drive, tops, there’s just something so wonderful about crossing your yard for a quick chat with friends.

Thankfully we haven’t lost touch too much and Beau and I were so honored when they asked us for anniversary pictures to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The entire evening was such a treat as we explored their property and ended, of course, with a beautiful charcuterie and wine overlooking Chattanooga. We’re so excited to see what the next 20 years holds for them and love their heart for restoration, community, and native gardening. Cheers you guys and all our love!

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  1. Daisy,

    I’ve had an incredibly busy week and I just got to sit down and go through these. I’m amazed. I know that it was 97 degrees that day, incredibly dry and all the trees and plants looked like they were suffering. I also know that Kristina is never very happy with how she looks in photographs, but she’s beautiful in every one. As for myself, I’m not a photogenic person, but you magically brought me to life. If I didn’t know where these were shot, I might think that we all spent an afternoon in Napa. It has that feel to it. You’ve made a magical wonderland out of our home and it’s nothing short of exceptional. Thank you so much for commemorating our 20th anniversary! You are a true talent……and a great neighbor (maybe someday again?).


    • Jason–thank you so much! You and Kristina are an inspiration to us and we love you both dearly. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the photos, the entire shoot was so magical. Congratulations and thank you for your kind words!!


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