Erin + Mark

The way Erin’s eyes shine when Mark makes her laugh. The wholehearted smile on Mark’s face when Erin walks into a room. Beau and I thoroughly enjoyed watching their day unfold as Erin and Mark committed their futures to one another on February 18th. The wedding went off beautifully at the Marsh Landing Country Club in Ponte Vedra, FL. The entire week before I held my breath (and brainstormed on Pinterest) 😉 because of a large chance for rain on Saturday. But on their big day the morning clouds parted and the sun shone in full force as their outdoor ceremony began–lovely!

The love and support that surrounds these two is amazing and we’re so happy for them both. So glad that we had the chance to be a part of it! Warning: Gi-normous post coming your way! Sorry 🙂

And p.s. A special thanks to all of the fellow Jacksonville wedding professionals that helped to make their day shine!

Cortello Salon
Marsh Landing Country Club
Mardee’s Blooming Branches (Florist)
Matt White (DJ)
Andrea Koeglar (Makeup)

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