English + Chuck | Wedding


Driving up to The Barn at High Point Farms, I looked anxiously out the car window and sighed. It was pouring rain. And English and Chuck’s outdoor wedding was set to start in just a few short hours. Beau smiled at me and just said, “Remember, it always works out beautifully, don’t stress”. And he was right–the entire reason for this day was to celebrate the love and commitment of English and Chuck regardless of the rain. And our job was to capture it, not control it. We both laughed as I wrapped my camera, and my hair, in plastic trash bags and ran through the watery lawn.

And like Beau said, it worked out: I needed to photograph English’s dress. The rain stopped for 10 minutes. English and Chuck were ready for their first look. And the rain stopped for 20 minutes. We were ready to photograph the bridal party. And the rain stopped for 15 minutes. The guests had arrived and the ceremony was set to begin in the barn. And the rain stopped for an entire HOUR! Chairs and decor were quickly moved and English’s dream for an outdoor wedding came true. The lush wet backdrop where they said their vows only added to the romantic and joyous evening. The barn was glowing with soft lights, laughter and warm food as their guests celebrated, and no one noticed the rain.

At the end of the night Beau and I looked knowingly at each other as the last sparkler went out. It always works out beautifully.

Thanks to:
Ever After Bridal
The Barn at High Point Farms
Grafe Studios

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