chattanooga elopement | Krista + Nick


Our final wedding of 2019 was PERFECT! Dreamy, immaculately designed and style, intimate, and so full of joy. Krista and Nick planned their Chattanooga elopement downtown with some of Chatt’s most iconic views. Both avid climbers and nature lovers, they wanted time together outdoors before the ceremony so we found the perfect wooded area and my eyes are still huge emoji hearts everytime I look at these.

My all time favorite moment during this Chattanooga elopement happened during some of our very first photos. As I placed Krista among trees and bushes to begin her bridal portraits the sun was backlighting her blond curls, breeze softly blowing the trees, and I turned to see Nick standing off to the side. His eyes were locked on her, and had quietly filled with tears. A tiny smile played on his lips as he admired Krista from afar. This was his bride. This was his best friend. They were doing this thing.

My heart swelled and I knew that this world was about to become oh-so-much sweeter with them together in it.

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