Cedar Hills Farm | JennaFaye + Gavin


Happy 2021 ya’ll! To kick off the birth of a brand new year we were so honored to capture the birth of a brand new family as well. On January 2nd JennaFaye and Gavin shared their vows before friends and family and officially became one at Cedar Hills Farm.

Their late afternoon wedding embodied Tennessee’s rustic charm and perfectly reflected their love for the great outdoors. When their sunrise outdoor engagements took our breath away I knew we’d be in for a treat with their wedding day. They showed their guests near and far the best of what Chattanooga has to offer with great temperatures (hello warm weather in January, what?!), mountain scenery, and sweet southern hospitality. Cedar Hills Farm was also the perfect setting for their outdoor nuptials. The rolling hills and picturesque views were framed with a wooden pergola altar at the ceremony, and the guests were treated to dinner and dancing in the beautiful weathered barn. We loved capturing such sweet moments throughout. Thank you JennaFaye and Gavin for choosing us to document your perfect day!

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. When planning a DIY wedding, the day of is typically when a few plans go haywire, a term my grandmother used when plans didn’t go as expected. However, the bride, in our case, didn’t have a clue. Why? Because Stephanie and Daisy went with the flow, filled in the gaps, and patiently gathered folks in a timely manner with Wendy Steele, my friend. As you can see, the joy, peace, and reverence of a COVENANT marriage was vividly explained in these photos. We will be forever grateful each time we admire our daughter’s wedding photo adorning our wall. – Bill and Marissa

  2. WOW! Marissa is my cousin and I was so honored to be able to watch JennaFaye & Gavin’s wedding online (I’m in FL). These photographs paint such a beautiful picture and capture their love. I’ve seen many wedding pictures before but Daisy Moffatt outdid themselves. All the photos are stunning!

    • Thank you Crystal I’m so glad you were able to enjoy their day, even from afar! We enjoyed helping to make their day perfect. Cheers!


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