Can I get a witness?

So, this past year has been amazing. Period. Of course this week is Thanksgiving (wait wasn’t it just Easter?) and while I try very hard throughout the year to routinely pause and take in our blessings with thankfulness, I feel like this holiday requires us to directly express our gratefulness even MORE towards those around us.

We’ve grown immensely this year as photographers, husband and wife, and of course business owners. Our clients are incredible as ever and that is NO exaggeration. We’d be nothing without them. They repeatedly trust us with life’s most important events–constantly given us the freedom and opportunities to create art from life. I won’t lie, we’ve been neck deep in holiday orders, album designs and proofs and it can sometimes be difficult to focus on anything else. But as I have worked this week, I have been looking back over the past weddings and portrait sessions we’ve captured I am blown away by the awesomeness (there’s no better word for it!) of the families that we’ve been privileged to work with. So as 2009 quickly rolls to an end all I can say is thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

You rock, period. 🙂



A teaser from Rudy and Jessica’s super fun engagement shoot this fall!

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