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It’s Friday, and I want cake. This is pretty normal though, I have a small love affair with cake (which additionally fuels my ambition to workout regularly). Working out = cake. Not working out = cupcake? I often joke that if I could run this business just on cake I would be completely content. Beau always rolls his eyes and nervously laughs, because he knows that I’m only half joking…

One of our favorite cake designers in town is Cup A Dee Cakes. Since we started working with them 8 years ago Jenniffer has consistently pushed the envelope with her creations. As with most creatives, she is AMAZING when her clients simply give her a direction and let her take it from there. We recently dubbed her the cake whisperer. No really, when we asked her what she had planned for an upcoming photo shoot she replied, “It’s about to come to life. It hasn’t decided what it is going to be yet”. And below is the end result, a Great Gatsby cake to die for and a garden cake complete with birds and a bird cage. I’m in love. While I would LOVE to chomp down on one of her fluffy and sweet confectionary concepts right now I decided it would be healthier to just share pictures from the shoot. 😉

For more info about Cup A Dee Cakes visit her website or give her a call. Thanks again Jenniffer for always making cakes that both look and taste amazing! It was such a pleasure working with you and Chad on this editorial shoot!

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