Anniversary session | 50 years


Most days we only get to document the beginning of marriages so when we have the chance to capture a refined and time tested marriage it’s the sweetest treat in the world. Cheryl and Randall are one of our favorite couples and I was so honored to photograph them as they reflected, laughed, cuddled and celebrated 50 years of marriage. Their chemistry is just the best. They are still so in love and it was awe inspiring — I loved every moment!

My favorite question to ask at each anniversary session is “What are some tips you’ve discovered that have made your marriage work?”. Their answers were so inspiring and a great reminder…

“Laugh together everyday – Randall is always making me laugh and we have a great time. He also makes sure that I’m okay, doesn’t let me speak poorly of myself, and takes great care of us.” (Cheryl).

“Always serve each other and keep supporting one another. And family is so important, make sure you take care of your family and put the Lord first in your marriage” (Randall).

Thank you again Cheryl and Randall and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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