Anna and Tyler | Waiting on Anna Love

Earlier this year we celebrated 8 years here at Daisy Moffatt Photography. Seriously? 8 years just passed in a blink of an eye, it’s crazy!

The longer we do this thing the magnitude of what we actually DO is made more and more apparent as our couples begin growing their families. We capture life, and seasons, and love and memories. These are moments that will never return. Anna will never be pregnant with with their first child again. She and Tyler will no longer be a family of 2! So when they invited us to be a part of another life changing occasion I happily sighed; it’s such an honor.

Cheers Anna and Tyler for a safe delivery of baby Anna Love. We can’t wait to meet her and look forward to many more years of new seasons!

one of my faves 🙂

Anna is so beautiful!

They are too cute

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