A Turnbull wedding | Erin + Aleks


When a sweet little message appeared in my inbox from Erin sharing that Aleks had popped the question and would I be available for a Turnbull wedding my heart swelled and I got all the butterflies you guys! I’m always so excited when brides invite us into this beautiful new season, however Erin’s day was going to be extra special because we’ve had the honor of capturing many of their family moments these past several years. Beginning with her sister’s engagements and wedding I instantly fell in love with the entire family (their mom Kim is literally the best M.O.B out there!) and I’ve enjoyed getting to know Erin even better this past year! Their day was a perfect reflection of them–relaxed, fun, beautiful.

My favorite moment with Erin and Aleks actually happened before the wedding day. I ran into them late one night at Target two weeks before the wedding. They were neck deep in building several pieces of furniture from Ikea and as they told me all that they were assembling my eyes grew large and I (half) joked, “You’re putting together Ikea furniture as a couple and the wedding hasn’t been called off?!”. They both laughed in their usual relaxed way, eyes glittering. Erin then said, “Yeah it really wasn’t bad at all!” and Aleks admitted that he loves using his engineering skills when dealing with Ikea.

People, this is huge.

Hearing both of them respond with such trust and confidence in each other was refreshing. TBH Beau and I were nearly broken after attempting a giant Ikea armoire 7 years ago and we’ve yet to recover our confidence in furniture assembly. 🙂

So why was that my favorite moment? I share this tiny story because it was a perfect illustration to me of a loving and mature relationship. Being able to enjoy and appreciate everyday tasks with your partner (especially while planning a huge life event like a wedding) IS the key to a full and long term marriage. Beau and I took a little longer to learn this (I blame home projects). But after 14 years I firmly believe that if you cherish your partner’s strengthens and help with their weaknesses you’ll forever laugh in the face of Ikea. So cheers to Erin and Aleks today! We loved capturing your gorgeous Turnbull wedding and cannot wait to see where life leads you both. XO!

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