Rhonda + William | Wedding


Definition of PROVIDENCE:

Divine guidance or care, or God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny.

PROVIDENCE has defined Rhonda and William’s lives. During their wedding ceremony I worked through tear-filled eyes as their pastor shared the divine journey that led them to that day. You see, while living in Haiti William became the only survivor in his school’s building after the devastating 2010 earthquake. After months of recovery he eventually made his way to America and met Rhonda through a mutual acquaintance. They quickly formed a deep bond through their love for people and their Haitian heritage and were very soon inseparable.

To say we were honored to capture their wedding day would be an understatement–I’ve known Rhonda and her sweet family for many years and after witnessing the love between her and William on their day I knew that PROVIDENCE had guided them to this moment. And PROVIDENCE would continue to lead them forward with favor and grace.

Congratulations Rhonda and William, your wedding day was incredible and the support and joy from your friends and family was powerful. Hugs!!