Brittany + Dru | Engagement Session

They met at a football game and Dru couldn’t take his eyes off Brittany. She was beautiful, and smart, and fun-loving, and unforgettable.

Their chemistry was right but the timing just wasn’t. And timing matters; it confirms what we feel and know deep in our hearts. The right decisions made at the wrong time will always leave us wanting. Brittany and Dru understood this and gave their hearts room to breathe.

Fast forward months later and Brittany still hadn’t forgot about Dru. Soon their paths turned towards each other again and finally timing was on their side–confirming what they had both secretly hoped for…That this person was to be their forever.

Congratulations Brittany and Dru–your engagement session was so much fun (we still want to join you guys for a Santa Pub Crawl!) and thank you again for inviting us to celebrate this season of your love!